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Good Answers Holistically Depend on what we ALL consider “Good”

Finances Permit their controller POWER. Conventional wisdom is “Only More” “Matters”

FineAnswers Are somewhat cheaper than finances (certainly as ;-) as humans living on just is to look after it, and all the life it contains, yet we care more about money and Credit-Rating-Authority-Perceptions which needs to be abbreviated to be appreciated.

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BREATHING is the most “UrgentAndImportant” thing we humans do, though the QUALITY of the air we breathe falls much further down the list.

FREEDOM we also value, though again it can get shuffled off the list if we have enough to survive on.

Oppressors do not wear a label or hat saying “Oppressor” on it – they usually live well protected from the results of the inequity and suffering they produce by trampling others underfoot to obtain “fabulous wealth and power” and keep it. Dealing with Bullies or with the (underhand) CorporateMorality that supports them is comparable with dealing with other forms of Terrorism – One has to stand up to it, even if it hurts – It's a part of the Duty-Of-Care that each human should be PROUD to bear.

But It's NOT.At All Easy to take on a bully twice one's size, or, in my case, financially,
ONE THOUSAND times my size ( AllanMoss ) and ( refer to ) married to the I-C-A-C chief Irene Moss who can probably persuade “Justice Conti” or many others in other excessive power positions to “Go beat up a peasant” in an underhand way. This, I feel, they are colluding in, but I can't allege it without risking JAIL, it appears.

Meanwhile, other UrgentAndImportant tasks are not getting done by me, and the stress is eating away at me, as, no doubt, it was planned to do by the colluders, and I too need UrgentAndImportant help to remedy the effects of our collective lack of care for the we, and our children's children all have to Live on.



Sunday 1st. August 2005, <|;-) .

King Charlemagne was the genesis of "Knight Errant" after which King Arthur moulded himself. Perhaps such "morality" is out of date, particularly in "the big end of town" where the love of money is the main pursuit - sometimes the only one.

We are all living on that is not capable of supporting all of us, yet still we continue to breed and increase "our (personal) families" and "our (personal) wealth", whilst seeing "The Problem" as somebody elses. This cannot last.

The longer we wait for "others" to "sort it out for us", the more it is a problem. Leaving the problem for our kids to work out is hardly a "loving" thing to do, so we close our eyes to the global situation and play in our private backyards and swimming pool, and hope somebody else will fix the problem for us all.

What can I do?

#1 is CARE. This is more than "mouthing" it - we need to apply our thoughts and actions towards the future of "ALL THAT IS" of which we are ALL a small (but significant) piece.

#2 is not to ADD to the burden by producing more kids than our can support - even if we remove all other "competitors" be they animals or other humans, as we are presently doing, but seldom acknowlege.

#3 is to stand up to Nazism or other "superiorist" belief systems and actions. Although that particular group of uncaring eliteists were eventually defeated (at great cost) we currently worship and obey those with a lot of money and power that "employ" us or "shelter" us as individuals, families, clans and nations, and care very little for how helping them may affect others

#4 is to FIND OUT what is "going wrong" and collectively organize to fix it. Above my desk is written large :-


..But I cannot solve all tbe problems of the world alone, so I SURE COULD DO WITH SOME HELP


And What am I doing?

Taking on CorporatePsychopaths is now getting me targetted, so my guts rumble, my larder runs empty and powerfuly corrupt associates of "a bank I can't name" - (Its a MacWorry !) had themselves a secret "trial" of some sort on Friday, and I've no idea what the charges were, or the results were, as yet. If I am ABLE to I will put them on shortly, If I dare.

DESIGNING new systems I've been doing for many decades - designs include power generation, transport housing and orbital space development. I am still looking to do good work on the needed scales - and again, I stress that THE most important thing is to stop so many children from being born. This planet cannot support even its present population adequately, and there are no others that can

Fosil Fuels we MUST stop using so much, and here, my nation, Australia is a major offender, as it talks of continuing coal extraction for another 500 years. WE ARE NOT GOING TO SURVIVE THAT LONG unless we kerb our own actions, or "nature" does it in her harshest way...

Enough for today....




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